Khlong boats


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Khlong boats

Saen Saep Boat Service

The Saen Saep Boat Service is a water-based transportation system in Bangkok that operates along the Saen Saep Canal. The service consists of long, narrow boats that are used to ferry passengers through the city's congested neighborhoods, especially during peak traffic hours. The boats are operated by private companies and offer an affordable and efficient mode of transportation for both locals and tourists. The Saen Saep Boat Service has numerous stops along the canal, making it easy to reach various locations in the city, including popular tourist spots such as Khao San Road and the Platinum Fashion Mall. However, passengers should be prepared for a potentially crowded and noisy ride, especially during rush hour, and some boats may not have air conditioning. Overall, the Saen Saep Boat Service is a unique and interesting way to experience Bangkok's waterways and avoid the city's heavy traffic.



Ticket prices are between 10 and 20 Bath


Lines and piers

NIDA Line - สายนิด้า